Premium Data

All our users have a free access to our core datasets.
Now you can get additional features with 'Premium Data' offer.

Standard Premium
Access to ready-to-use data
CSV and JSON versions for tabular data
Warranty / guaranteed updates of the data
Notifications of data updates
Notifications of schema updates
Workflow integration (e.g. Python packages, NPM packages)
Customized data (e.g. you need different or additional data)

Publishing Plans

Start publishing for free - get our CLI tool

Basic Advanced On Demand Enterprise**
Storage 1GB * 10GB * Pay as you go
Bandwidth 1GB * 10GB * Pay as you go
Private Data
Teams Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon
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* These are soft limits. When they are exceeded we will notify you and give you time to upgrade your plan. Service is not interrupted and no extra costs are incurred.
** We host for you or you run on premise. Learn more about Enterprise plan here.