Good day, dear data miners, scientists and statisticians!

During the last month we were focused on polishing the existing product - DataHub platform and the data-cli tool. Also we added number of new features.

New ways to share data

Say, you are creating PhD thesis or a blog article. And you need to share some data in a pretty-looking form? That’s so easy with the DataHub - just upload your data and follow steps below.

Share data tables

Each dataset on the has preview tables for tabular data. Now you can share or embed them:

The Share link opens the table in the full-screen mode. Your colleague can easily find data and copy the entire table (or some part of it) to the clipboard and paste into the excel file, google sheets etc.

The Embed snippet allows you to integrate the table into your HTML document or a web-site:

Note: preview table contains only 2000 rows of original data to avoid possible browser crash cause of the big data.

Share views and graphs

The same idea works with graphs - each view for a dataset could be easily shared or embedded into your web-page using the links under the view:

and here is the embedded version right here:

Other small features

  • Data push command now shows a progress-bar when uploading files
  • User can add custom titles and axis suffixes to the views
  • TSV files are supported now
  • DataHub API documentation has been added.

If you have questions, comments or feedback join our Discord logo chat channel or open an issue on our GitHub logo tracker.