COVID-19 and Compartmental Models in Epidemiology

May 8th, 2020       Rufus Pollock

The severity of the current SARS-CoV-2 epidemic is undeniable: since the latest months of 2019, the COVID-19 outbreak is having a significant impact in the world at the macro level, starting its...

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Open Data Day 2020 and COVID-19 data

March 17th, 2020      

Here at DataHub and Datopian, we recently celebrated Open Data Day 2020. If you’re not familiar with Open Data Day,...

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Comparotron: A simple way to visualize and share comparisons

March 8th, 2020       Rufus Pollock

Comparotron allows users to quickly create simple comparative visualizations.

There are already many graphing and apps out there so what’s different about comparotron?

The essence of...

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New Machine Learning Datasets

September 10th, 2018       Branko Djordjevic

We are happy to present new datasets extracted from open-ml website. You can find them at our machine-learning datasets Read more

Automatically updated core datasets on DataHub

September 5th, 2018       Anuar Ustayev

Check out a list of core datasets that are updated on a regular basis. From financial to reference data - it is the best place to find a wide range of up to date datasets.

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Sports data on DataHub

August 31st, 2018       Anuar Ustayev

Great news! We’ve expanded our range of datasets to include sports data. You can find football data that includes all the major European leagues and ATP tennis data. The football datasets are...

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Attribute Relation File Format (ARFF)

August 23rd, 2018       Branko Djordjevic

We are happy to present a short description of ARFF format that is very useful for those interested in machine learning. In this post we shall explain some features of this format.

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How to use multiple DataHub accounts

July 18th, 2018       Anuar Ustayev

If you are using data CLI tool for both personal and professional purposes, you would need to have more than 1 account. Below we explain how account configurations work and how you can...

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World Bank Indicators on DataHub

July 16th, 2018       Branko Djordjevic

We have extracted 307 indicators from The World Bank and published them on DataHub:

The World Bank Open Data...

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Automated KPIs collection and visualization of the funnels

July 10th, 2018       Branko Djordjevic

As a platform dedicated to providing access to high quality data and tooling we need to measure how useful our users find DataHub’s services. Measurable values like how many users we have, site...

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Revamped awesome collections: data sets that are grouped by subject

June 11th, 2018       Anuar Ustayev

Awesome pages are collections of data from DataHub and the web that are grouped and analyzed for your usage. Our goal is to cover all important subjects and users always can Read more

Machine learning datasets

May 25th, 2018       Svetozar Stojkovic       Branko Djordjevic

We have created a number of machine learning datasets that can be interesting for professionals and students from the field.

You can see our current machine-learning datasets at...

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Auto-publish your datasets using Travis-CI

May 23rd, 2018       Anuar Ustayev

In this tutorial, we provide instructions on how to automate publishing your dataset via Travis-CI. If you prefer hosting and controlling your dataset on...

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JavaScript SDK for data deployment

May 15th, 2018       Dmitry German       Anuar Ustayev

Here we explain how you can use JavaScript SDK for data deployment purposes. If you need a detailed step-by-step tutorial, please, go to this article:

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How to initialize a data package using data tool

May 14th, 2018       Anuar Ustayev

In this article we explain how easy is adding a datapackage.json file for your data. You need to have data tool installed - download...

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Validate your Data Package descriptor online

April 19th, 2018       Dmitry German

To help users with creation of Data Packages we have implemented a descriptor validation tool:


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Q1 2018 Review

April 11th, 2018       Anuar Ustayev       Rufus Pollock       Adam Kariv

We’re sharing an update on all the progress we made in the first quarter of 2018. We massively improved our data command line tool, sped up data deployment 5-100x and introduced...

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New Features and Improvements

March 26th, 2018       Dmitry German

Good day, dear data miners, scientists and statisticians!

During the last month we were focused on polishing the existing product - DataHub platform and the data-cli tool....

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Improved Reporting and Debugging of Data Publishing

January 29th, 2018       Anuar Ustayev

We’ve integrated our pipelines system with the website to display more insights to our users. Any dataset you publish on DataHub could be in one of three states: processing,...

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Data Validation in the DataHub

January 24th, 2018       Rufus Pollock       Anuar Ustayev

Users can now use the DataHub to validate their tabular data, for example checking that dates really are dates or that a column of daily revenue is always positive.

Data validation is also...

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Which country spends the most on pharmaceutical drugs?

January 23rd, 2018       Meiran Zhiyenbayev

There are several graphs that illustrate pharmaceutical drug spendings from the list OECD countries. Data is clean and available in several formats such as csv, json,...

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Introducing private datasets on the DataHub

December 13th, 2017       Anuar Ustayev       Rufus Pollock

Today we are releasing support for private datasets on the DataHub. Private datasets are exactly that: private and visible and accessible only to their owners.

This feature...

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Data desktop app - alpha release with drag and drop data publishing support

December 1st, 2017       Anuar Ustayev

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new desktop application for DataHub users. The app brings drag and drop publishing of data. In addition, users can preview and validate their data prior...

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How to use Data Packages from R

November 16th, 2017       Meiran Zhiyenbayev       Anuar Ustayev

This tutorial demonstrates how to use Data Packages from R. We assume that you already know about Data Packages and its Read more

Import online data files directly with scheduling

November 14th, 2017       Anuar Ustayev       Rufus Pollock

Users can now import online data files directly into the DataHub using the data command line tool – and setup scheduled re-imports at the same time.

We’re very excited about...

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Core Data: Essential Datasets for Data Wranglers and Data Scientists

November 3rd, 2017       Rufus Pollock       Meiran Zhiyenbayev       Anuar Ustayev

The “Core Data” project provides essential data for the data wranglers and data science community. Its online home is on the DataHub:

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See events and activity related to datasets or publishers

October 31st, 2017       Anuar Ustayev

You can now see publisher and dataset related events. As we are tracking processes happening in our system, users have ability to discover which publishers have been active or datasets are updated...

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Datasets in zip format

October 19th, 2017       Anuar Ustayev

We are now generating compressed versions of datasets so users can download a dataset as a single file. You can find it in the “Data Files” table in the showcase page. For example, you can have a...

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Previews for large datasets

October 18th, 2017       Anuar Ustayev

We are now generating preview versions of large datasets so your web browser does not crash by loading large amount of data. The preview versions consist of first 5k rows of datasets (if a dataset...

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Vega views upgrade - now using v3

October 17th, 2017       Anuar Ustayev

As you know publishers can create various views using Vega visualizations in DataHub (learn more about views here). We have just upgraded our platform to use Vega...

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Excel Files on the DataHub: Automated Previews and Data Extraction

October 16th, 2017       Anuar Ustayev

In this tutorial, we will explain how to push Excel data to the DataHub. When an Excel file is pushed, we can extract data from selected sheets for previewing and downloading in alternative...

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Data Package v1 Specifications. What has Changed and how to Upgrade

October 11th, 2017       Meiran Zhiyenbayev

This post walks you through the major changes in the Data Package v1 specs compared to pre-v1. It covers changes in the full suite of Data Package specifications including Data Resources and Table...

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How much space are you using?

October 4th, 2017       Anuar Ustayev

We’ve just added the functionality some basic information on how many datasets you have and how much space you are using.

You can see this information by logging in and visiting your...

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